Just Sharing A Magic Moment – Part II


On Sunday, I went to cinema to watch another classic movie in the big screen! This time was the turn of a 80’s movie, which is a movie that makes me remember my childhood, once I used to watch it a lot!!

I’m talking about “The Neverending Story” (1984), which is classified in the genres Adventure/Drama/Fantasy, and, for those who watch it, this movie has many other classifications and meanings.

The Neverending Story (Poster)

The Neverending Story (Poster)

If you has never watched it, I do recommend. I believe this is a important movie for everybody, not only the children and teenagers, but especially the adults, once it talks about do not stop dreaming and believe in your dreams.

I know that, in most of times, when people grow up, they leave their dreams saved in a box for another moment, which sometimes never comes (and I’m including myself). Because of that, I think this movie came in a perfect moment of my life (I guess the last time I watched it was almost 10 years ago).

Of course the movie has all that child stuff: a fantastic world where everything is possible, like a racing snail, a glider bat, a luck dragon, a rock which eats other rocks, the Child Empress, some elves, a child warrior, among others… [And I really love all of these!!] But, like I said before, the movie also has a simple and valuable message: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Believe that is possible achieve your dreams. That’s all! Even so sometimes you will need a “luck dragon” like Falkor (or not), but in most of time, only depends of you.



So, “The Neverending Story” is really a movie to watch and appreciate!! [And cry in some moments!] đŸ˜‰


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