I’m back!

Hello everyone!!

I know I had disappeared since last month and the reasons were: period’s end in the university + a trip. But now I’m back to update this space!

In the first moment, I remembered that I hadn’t talked about the experience of watching “Some Like It Hot” in the big screen, do you remember?

So, in the posts called “Just Sharing a Magic Moment” I was talking about some classic movies which were exhibited by Cinemark during a special programing. The first movie which I watched was “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, after I watched “The Neverending Story” and the last one was “Some Like It Hot”.

Some Like It Hot (scene)

Some Like It Hot (scene)


I don’t need to tell how much funny was watching this movie in the big screen, especially with all the troubles involving Joe/Josephine and Jerry/Daphne, but also with:

  • the several funny scenes in the train:


  • Marilyn singing and dancing:


  • and, of course, the great ending when Jerry (still as Daphne) said the reasons he can’t marry, one of the best dialogues and scenes [SPOILER ALERT: if you never watched the movie, be careful, this is the final scene!]:

– I’m a man!

– Well, nobody is perfect…

Finally, if you like this movie as much as I do, maybe you will like watching this documentary about the “making of”. It’s very good, enjoy!

But now, changing the subject, last month I also started to talk about my DVD collection, and how I want to start another one. So, in the trip that I did this month I’ve already bought some movies, and this week, a Brazilian site put on sale some classic movies, and, once more, I had to buy some of them! When they arrive, I’ll post some photos…

There is also another thing involving this classic world + a part of my trip, but this story I’ll talk in another moment… Then, see you soon! 😉


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