The New Collection

Hi dears! Guess what happened this week?

My new babies have arrived!! 😀

So I started my another collection of classic movies, and now, I’ll show you my new DVDs! 😉

  • First, this box with the movies “Holiday” and “Bringing Up Baby“, both of them of 1938, in black and white and starred by Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn. So cute! *-* Did you remember I have told the DVDs were on sale? So, I bought this box with a equivalent to 04 dollars!
Holiday / Bringing Up Baby

Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn (1938)

  • Then, I bought other two movies which weren’t made in USA (one is French and the another is Italian), but I believe you also know these classic masterpieces:
Italy x France

France x Italy

– The first is the drama “Les Quatre Cents Coups” (1959 – France), produced and directed by François Truffaut. It’s the first of a series with five movies: “L’amour à Vingt Ans” (1962), “Baisers Volés” (1968), “Domicile Conjugal” (1970) and “L’amour en Fuite” (1979). All of them following the phases of the main character’s life, Antoine Doinel.

– The second DVD is another drama: “Ladri di Biciclette” (1948 – Italy), directed by Vittorio de Sica. This movie was one of the first movies doesn’t made in USA which won an Academy Awards.

  • Well, returning to the movies made in USA, I bought this beautiful Grace’s box in the trip that I’ve mentioned in the last post (about which I still have to show something…). There are 04 movies here, one of 1952, “High Noon“, also starred by Gary Cooper, and three of 1954: “To Catch a Thief“, by A. Hitchcock and starred by Cary Grant; “The Bridges at Toko-Hi“, with William Holden, who is also in the last one, “The Country Girl” (one of my favorites!), also with Bing Crosby. 😀
Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly Box

  •  Last, but not least, I couldn’t resist to buy only one movie with Audrey (to put in my first collection, of her movies)! Fortunately, I found one I didn’t have yet, “Charade” (1963), also on sale, so… Here it is!! 😀


To finish, I just realized now how many movies with Cary Grant I bought!! It wasn’t intentional, but I like him very much…

For now this is my recent “New Collection”. Hope you have liked! 😉


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