A Day To Decorate

Hello! 🙂

Today I’ll talk about something that I was thinking to do during a long time: a redecoration at my room. However, the only problem was the lack of money…

Then, I did a simple redecoration, I only changed the furniture positions. But, there was another simple idea: I had remembered of some posters which I bought on internet some months ago…

Now, you must be wondering why I’m talking about this here! It’s because these posters which I mentioned are of Audrey Hepburn! ❤ Except for one, which has only some optimistic phrases, but until this poster has a vintage aspect.

So, in the last Sunday I chose two of these posters to put on the wall: this one with phrases and another with a beautiful illustration of Miss Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (which is a reproduction of the movie’s poster advertising). Give a look in them:



And now, without had spent money, I have these two gorgeous walls, which I can’t stop looking!!

Poster/Wall 1

Poster/Wall 1

Poster/Wall 2

Poster/Wall 2

Yeah! In this last one I also have two Audrey Hepburn’s photos!! 🙂

To finish, tell me what do you thought about it! Hope you have liked!!


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