New Books

Hello! How are you all?

After exactly a month, I took a time in the studies to back here to share with you the last books I bought. So let’s see them!

The first one has arrived in my house last month, after just two weeks of waiting. The book is about the main directors of American cinema in the 50’s, their memorable movies and the stars who starred them. Its author is Olivier-René Veillon and the original title of the book is “Le Cinema Americain – Les années cinquante” (French version, 1984), which in free translation for English can be “The American Cinema – The fifties”. But I bought the Brazilian edition, dated from 1993 and because of this the names are in Portuguese in the photos below. Give a look!

P.S.: I forgot to comment the beautiful cover with a Marlon Brando photo! ❤

In addition, there is the second book I bought which I was waiting for TWO LONG MONTHS until it has arrived in my home, what happened yesterday! But I’ll write a separate post for this book, cause how you’ll verify later, there’s much love involved… I will just anticipate that is about the adorable Audrey Hepburn.

See you in a little while!


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