The Second Book

Hi everyone!

Like I said yesterday, the another book which I bought (and I was anxiously waiting for it) is about my favorite actress Audrey Hepburn. I already said here before how she is important for me, cause she inspires me to be a better person each day and I believe she was a great and incredible being human (or even a big and lovely soul here in Earth).

Then, who’s better that her son to talk about her and to tell us a little about how she was in her private life? This book is exactly this: a mix of her biography, writing by her eldest son, Sean Hepburn Ferrer, where he also wrote his memories about her as his mom. In this adorable book we can see some personal materials about Audrey H., like family photographs, letters, documents and other special things, which every fan would love to see.

Oh, the book title is “Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit” (2005), and I have to confess that when I bought it, I did know it was a very special book, however when I got it in my hands I almost cry (really!), cause it’s very beautiful and sensitive, we can see that it was wrote with much love, respect, care and soul (if you can understand me).

Below I just add some photos of the front and back cover, and one internal picture. And to finish this post I only want to say Thank You Mr. Sean H. Ferrer, for this magical gift to all people who admires your Mom! I don’t even have words (in English or Portuguese) to express what I want to say, only love ❤


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