Another tip of book

Hi everyone!

Today I’ll share with you another tip of book which I used on my monograph and one of my favorites books about cinema: “The Genius of the System: Hollywood Filmmaking in the Studio Era” (1988) by Thomas Schatz. (In fact, I read the edition of 1991 translated to Portuguese – photo below)

Book 1

Book cover in Brazil

This is a classical book about cinema because it shows us how Hollywood worked in its Golden Era through the “Studio System” where the executive producers of major studios were (maybe) the most important pieces of that system.

Then, it is a quite interesting book about the film industry of Hollywood and it also can be considered a complement in the study of the phenomenon of “Star System”, once this phenomenon appears in the context brought by this book (at least it worked for the goal of my monograph!).

The Brazilian publishing house which published this book here in Brazil wrote: “The genius of the system details how it worked the most fascinating industry of this century and take down inumerous romantic and idealistic taboos fed by critics and scholars about cinema” (Companhia Das Letras, 1991).

So, I totally recommend the “Genius of the System” for you, as well as all the other books by Thomas Schatz, who is an amazing writer! 🙂


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