One more tip of book


Today I’ll continue to share some tips of books which I read to my monograph. The chosen for today is also one of the basis of my project: “Movie-Made America – A Cultural History of American Movies” (1975) of the professor Robert Sklar (1936-2011). Below you can see one of the book covers in USA (left) and the book cover in Brazil (right – which was the book that I read, translated into Portuguese).

In this book, Sklar tells us all the cinema history since the beginning: how it was formed and convert in this entertainment industry which we know today, since the first exhibitions of short movies in the late of the 19th century to the early 20th century in states as New York until the creation of Hollywood some decades later. All of this history is accompanied by a social context brought by the author, which helps us to understand some of the paths that cinema was tracing as an industry.

About the book, William Grimes of the New York Times wrote “‘Movie-Made America’ was one of the first histories to place Hollywood films in a social and political context, finding them a key to understanding how modern American values and beliefs have been shaped […]. It immediately became a standard work on the subject and has never been out of print” (2011, online).

So I hope you have enjoyed this tip and be interested to read this amazing book!


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