Book tip!


Today I’ll continue to share with you tips of books about the American Classic Cinema. Now, I will talk about one book which approaches specifically the 40’s movies and their stars: “City of Nets – A Portrait of Hollywood in the 1940’s” by Otto Friedrich (1986).

According the publishing company which published the book here in Brazil, “it is a social and cultural story of the golden era from cinema’s capital. […] And its scenario is the turbulent decade between the Second World War and the Korean War. […] Then, the “City of Nets” is a bright portrait of an unique place in an unique time” (Companhia das Letras, online).

In addition, the “City of Nets” shows us some of the main movies of this specific decade, some of the professionals who worked there – which includes the stars, directors, producers, writers, journalists, among others – and gives us a perspective about all that happened in the backstages and around these productions (including some intrigues).

This book is a good reading and it is also an awesome complement to the other books which I just showed here and here about this theme. To finish, in the final pages of the “City of Nets”, the author makes a list of the main professionals who are mentioned during the book (especially the stars) and tells us how these people were in that moment (1986) and this is very interesting to read!

So, that’s it! I hope you enjoy and see you soon with another tip!


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