About The “Classic Popcorn”

Well, this blog had its beginning from the idea of doing something to be part of my Final Project in the Fisk’s English Course. The main theme of my Project was the American Classic Cinema, with a focus on the 40’s and 50’s (which I divided in some genres movies). Then, on June 18th of 2014, I finally presented all my search and knowledge about the theme (which was part of my monograph in the university too) and, of course, my presentation was made through this blog!

However, while I was writing my project here, I really enjoyed this experience of writing about something that I do like so much as the Classic Cinema. So I decided maintain the blog and continue to write, but now I’m including other decades as the 30’s and 60’s… This way, I can keep my learning about this theme and, above this, about my second language from now: the English (and sorry for eventual mistakes in grammar, the learning is continuous)!

Then, movies, actresses & actors, soundtrack, videos and photos won’t miss around here, besides some tips and my personal experiences with some movies or anything else that I believe to be interesting to share with you here. The blog was divided into some sections to be easier finding some of its contents, often posted in certain days: on Mondays I usually post the “Photo of the Day”, to start each week with a special picture of some artist, backstage or movie scene; on Wednesdays or Thursdays is the time to know some of “Famous Quotes” said by these artists or their characters.

[And you can access each of these categories in the main menu: “About the blog > Photo of the Day” or “About the blog > Famous Quotes” | You can also see other photos and quotes in the Classic Popcorn Instagram: the link is next, in the lateral bar]

In the main menu you can also see the “Stars’ Photos”, where I used to post beautiful photos of many artists; and the “Happy Birthday To…”, where are reunited some special posts to remind and celebrating the anniversary of these stars. Sometimes (usually in the weekends) I also write about some movies which I was watching in that week or some books which I’ve read, and you can see these posts in “What I’m watching or reading?”, below the “Who I am” (you can also see all the tips of books through the tag “Books”).

Then I believe that’s all. Welcome and enjoy this wonderful and glamorous world of the American cinema. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I’m enjoying writing in it! Feel free to comment and leave suggestions, I will love to read and answer each one! 😉


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