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Audrey Hepburn Collection!

Hello, hello!!

I finished the month of September cleaning up and organizing all my DVDs, including my beloved little collection of Audrey Hepburn movies! Then, once I’m also in my vacations of college, I was wondering in making an Audrey Marathon, watching all these movies that I have here by a chronological order… What do you think about it? 😀

Below, there is a cute picture of the collection that I took earlier and a list of the original titles of the movies, once most of mine are in Portuguese! Hope you like! ❤

Audrey Hepburn Collection

Audrey Hepburn Collection. Photo by me!

  • “Roman Holiday”, 1953
  • “Sabrina”, 1954
  • “Funny Face”, 1956
  • “War and Peace”, 1956
  • “Love in the Afternoon”, 1957
  • “The Nun’s Story”, 1958
  • “The Unforgiven”, 1960
  • “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, 1961
  • “The Children’s Hour”, 1961
  • “Charade”, 1963
  • “Paris When It Sizzles”, 1963
  • “My Fair Lady”, 1964
  • “Two for the Road”, 1966
  • “Always”, 1989

New Babies

Hello!! 🙂

After some changes, I’m here again!

Today I’ll show you my beautiful (and new) babies, which a friend of mine bought for me in his last travel.

New DVDs

Yeah, I’m talking about more two Audrey Hepburn’s movies! (the titles are in Portuguese cause they were bought in São Paulo, Brazil!)

– The first one is “Love In The Afternoon” (1957), starred by Audrey Hepburn, Gary Cooper and Maurice Chevalier, directed by Billy Wilder. This romance tells the story about a detective (Maurice Chevalier) who is hired to follow a woman suspected of infidelity with a womanizer (Gary Cooper). Then, the detective’s daughter, Ariane (Audrey Hepburn), falls in love with this guy. There is a little bit of drama and action in this movie too.

– The second movie is “The Unforgiven” (1960), starred by Audrey Hepburn and Burt Lancaster, directed by John Huston. This movie is the only western in Audrey’s career and tells the story of Rachel Zachary, an indian who was adopted by a white family and, after a long time, it was discovered her indian’s blood and this causes big fights in the community.

So, with these two new DVDs, my Audrey movies collection is growing up!! There are fourteen movies right now! 😀

And you? Do you have some movies’ collection? Tell me, I would love to read about! 😉

The New Collection

Hi dears! Guess what happened this week?

My new babies have arrived!! 😀

So I started my another collection of classic movies, and now, I’ll show you my new DVDs! 😉

  • First, this box with the movies “Holiday” and “Bringing Up Baby“, both of them of 1938, in black and white and starred by Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn. So cute! *-* Did you remember I have told the DVDs were on sale? So, I bought this box with a equivalent to 04 dollars!
Holiday / Bringing Up Baby

Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn (1938)

  • Then, I bought other two movies which weren’t made in USA (one is French and the another is Italian), but I believe you also know these classic masterpieces:
Italy x France

France x Italy

– The first is the drama “Les Quatre Cents Coups” (1959 – France), produced and directed by François Truffaut. It’s the first of a series with five movies: “L’amour à Vingt Ans” (1962), “Baisers Volés” (1968), “Domicile Conjugal” (1970) and “L’amour en Fuite” (1979). All of them following the phases of the main character’s life, Antoine Doinel.

– The second DVD is another drama: “Ladri di Biciclette” (1948 – Italy), directed by Vittorio de Sica. This movie was one of the first movies doesn’t made in USA which won an Academy Awards.

  • Well, returning to the movies made in USA, I bought this beautiful Grace’s box in the trip that I’ve mentioned in the last post (about which I still have to show something…). There are 04 movies here, one of 1952, “High Noon“, also starred by Gary Cooper, and three of 1954: “To Catch a Thief“, by A. Hitchcock and starred by Cary Grant; “The Bridges at Toko-Hi“, with William Holden, who is also in the last one, “The Country Girl” (one of my favorites!), also with Bing Crosby. 😀
Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly Box

  •  Last, but not least, I couldn’t resist to buy only one movie with Audrey (to put in my first collection, of her movies)! Fortunately, I found one I didn’t have yet, “Charade” (1963), also on sale, so… Here it is!! 😀


To finish, I just realized now how many movies with Cary Grant I bought!! It wasn’t intentional, but I like him very much…

For now this is my recent “New Collection”. Hope you have liked! 😉

The Collection

This week I was packing my wardrobe and I realized how much my collection of movies starred by Audrey Hepburn has grown up!!! Give a look (the movies’ names are in Portuguese!):


The first movie which I bought was “Breakfast at Tiffany’s“, also the first one which I watched starring Audrey!! *-* After this I bought “My Fair Lady“, “Roman Holiday“, “Sabrina“… And I kept buying more and more movies (and I won others as a gift). But, unfortunately, now I stopped buy because I don’t find other movies in the stores. 😦

So I’m beginning another collection, this one is more embracing, but I’m starting with the actors who I like more: Gene Kelly, Deborah Kerr… I hope this another collection grow up soon! 🙂