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Happy Birthday To…

Hello, hello!!

Well, as we know, several of our classic stars make their birthday on April. Then, in this first week of this month, let’s celebrate the birthday of five of them!

The first one is Debbie Reynolds (April 01, 1932 – December 28, 2016), who would be 86 years old in the last Sunday!

Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds

Yesterday, was the birthday of Doris Day (April 03, 1924), who is celebrating 94 years old, and Marlon Brando (April 03, 1924 – July 01, 2004).

And, finally, tomorrow is going to be the birthday of other two stars: Bette Davis (April 05, 1908 – October 06, 1989) and Gregory Peck (April 05, 1916 – June 12, 2003).

So, Happy Birthday to all of them!! 🙂

(Next week, there are other stars who are also making birthday! See you!)

Photo of the Day – Debbie and Carrie

Just wondering how adorable is this picture of Debbie Reynolds with the young Carrie Fisher at their home… A sweet memory of these amazing actresses who lives in our hearts! ❤

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher

Photo by Sid Avery. Source: IMDb

Welcome April! Happy Birthday To…

Hello, hello!

Yesterday it was started the month of April and, as you’re going to see along this month, there are a lot of classic Hollywood stars who were born in this special month (I realized this fact when I was writing my monograph)…

Then, the first star who was born exactly in the first day of April, which yerterday would be 85 years old, is Debbie Reynolds (01 April 1932 – 28 December 2016). So, Happy Birthday to this lovely actress who let us some months ago.

Tomorrow it will be the anniversary of other two stars… See you! 🙂

Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds

Photo by Paul Hesse. Source: IMDb.


Rest in peace Debbie Reynolds (01 April 1932 – 28 December 2016) and Carrie Fisher          (21 October 1956 – 27 December 2016) 😥


“Every moment adds up to a life… My life is golden” – Debbie Reynolds

Photo of the Day – Debbie

Hello! Give a look on this adorable photograph of Debbie Reynolds and have a good day! ❤

Debbie Reynolds 2

Debbie Reynolds


Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds