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A Parenthesis To Say Thank You

Well, today I’m doing a parenthesis in the blog’s theme to thank some special people…

To start, I can’t believe that three years and a half have already passed since I began the English course at Fisk Aracaju! Looks like that was yesterday when Josimara (yeah, I remember all details!) did my registration in the course and, this week, was the last day, with the final presentations… Then, I wanna to do a short flashback of this period!

When I started in the “Breaking Free”, Giovanni was my teacher (my first teacher at Fisk and one of the best in my life!), he always had a music for each word that we had said (unbelievable, but is true!) and I learned a lot with him, especially that “tomorrow” is not pronounced “tomorrôu” (internal joke!! hahaha).

Then, in the second book, there were two teachers: Cris and Camilla. I believe both of them were the teachers who passed the less time with my class because they divided the same book (period), but they were as important as the others and also teached us a lot. And they’re so cute!!

After one year, came the teacher Renata, who teached just for some days and had to leave us because of her pregnancy. So, who was the next? (The next teacher not the next pregnant!). Yeah, Dalene!! She was the person who spent mooooore time with us (I mean, with my first class): almost one year and a half, almost the half of the course!! And she was very important because in addition to the book, she brought a lot of extra informations for the classes (and all her insanity too!).

After of Aunt Leleh and after that I spent two years and a half waking up too early on Saturdays (and in some months going up the stairs!), my class broke up and I had to change for another. Then, I had a 2-or-3-day teacher: James, until I switched him for Zeca! (I’m kidding James, you know I love you too 😉 ).

Then, the last year of the course was with Zeca and another group, in the Monday and Wednesday’s nights. Also as Dalene, Zeca brought a looooot of new things to the classes (my favorite were the accents!) and I was learning too much with him. Ok, now I’m really crying…

To finish, after all this text, I just want to say “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” to all of you guys, not only all the teachers but also the secretaries, who always were very attentive, and everybody who studied with me during this period, as in the beginning as now, in the final. I’ve learned a lot with all of you too!

Ah, before I forget: I have to thank Rose and Ricardo by the rides after the classes!! (!Gracias Rose).

So, I will miss everyone and everything in that place: my toast and coffee (hahaha), the little-red couch (which was switched by the black one!), the Lemon bullets… Oh, I also will miss Mrs. Telma complimenting me!! *-*

I guess this is it. Love you guys and I hope be back soon…

Fisk: 2011 to 2014

Fisk: 2011 to 2014

P.S.[1]: Neither everybody are in the photos but all of you are in my heart! (ownt *-*)

P.S.[2]: Sorry by possible mistakes but: where’s Zeca to correct? And I’m not a writer! hahahaha

P.S.[3]: I have to say this course was the first thing in my life that I concluded, because I always give up or dislike the things in the middle of the way… So: Congrats for me! 😀