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Photo of the Day

Hello, hello! Wishing you all a great week with this charming picture of Sandra Dee in the movie “Romanoff and Juliet” (1961). See you!

Sandra Dee in 'Romanoff and Juliet', 1961

Sandra Dee in ‘Romanoff and Juliet’, 1961. Source: IMDb


Photo of the Day + Happy Birthday To…

Hello! Today I was searching about Linda Darnell and, coincidentally, is her birthday (October 16, 1923 – April 10, 1965). Then, the photo of the day is a lovely picture from the movie “Star Dust” (1940). And, Happy Birthday to Linda!!

Linda Darnell (in Star Dust, 1940)

Linda Darnell in “Star Dust” (1940). Source: IMDb.

Photo of the Day – Debbie and Carrie

Just wondering how adorable is this picture of Debbie Reynolds with the young Carrie Fisher at their home… A sweet memory of these amazing actresses who lives in our hearts! ❤

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher

Photo by Sid Avery. Source: IMDb

Photo of the Day – Shirley and Gene!

Hello, hello! Let’s start our week giving a look in this adorable picture of Shirley MacLaine and Gene Kelly in the movie “What a way to go!” (1964) – I really love this Shirley’s pink hair!

A great week to you all! 🙂

Shirley MacLaine and Gene Kelly in “What a way to go!” (1964). Source: IMDb.

Photo of the Day – Hello Summer! (Part 5)

Hello! Today, on the last day of July, I’m posting the last photo of “stars at beach”. So, to finish, let’s see this beautiful picture of Marilyn Monroe! 😉

[And about you? Are you having a great time in some beach? Tell me!]

Beach Time - Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe at beach. Photo by Laszlo Willinger. Source: Pinterest.

Photo of the Day – Hello Summer! (Part 4)

Hello, hello! Today I’m here to remember that is always a good idea taking a swim. Give a look in Elizabeth Taylor sharing this great idea! A great week to you all! 🙂

Beach Time - Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor at beach. Source: Pinterest

Photo of the Day – Hello Summer! (part 3)

Hello! Continuing the series of classic stars at beach, today is the time of two of my favorite actors: Cary Grant and Gregory Peck! Let’s see them enjoying a beach time!

Photo of the Day – Hello Summer! (Part 2)

Hey, let’s continue to see old photos from our adorable stars at beach?

Today is the time of Bette Davis and Ginger Rogers remember us that is very important enjoy the beach after put some sunscreen!!

Photo of the Day – Hello Summer! (part 1)

Hello, hello!

To celebrate the arrival of Summer last week in some places (and warming us here in Brazil who are in Winter), I’m going to post in the next weeks a series of pictures of our adorable stars at beach! Starting by this cute photo of Audrey Hepburn! Hope you enjoy.

Audrey Hepburn at beach

Audrey Hepburn at beach

Photo of the Day – Liz

Hey! Let’s start the week seeing this adorable picture of Elizabeth Taylor circa 1956.            A great week to us! 😉

Elizabeth Taylor. Photo by Sanford Roth/AMPAS. Source: IMDb.